Helical Connectors


Helical connectors, or gabion spirals, are supplied as an alternative tying system for gabion baskets.

Helical connectors can greatly increase the speed of gabion installation as the connector is pre-formed and designed to twist seamlessly along all vertical and horizontal joints. As well as serving to encompass the cut ends of the mesh, helicals are used to assemble adjacent panels in single units, or to connect multiple units to each other in a continuous run.

Each helical connector is manufactured from 3mm galfan coated wire and pre-formed into a 1m spiral with a 30mm outside diameter.



Helicals can be used with our large standard gabions or can be cut to size to suit our smaller garden gabion range.

Length: 1000mm

Wire:     3mm

O/Dia:   30mm


Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg