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Gabion Wall Design

Devoran gabions are transported to site flat packed with lacing wire as standard for on site erection.
On site, the gabions are opened out in the required position. After which the sides, diaphragms, face and rear panels of the gabion box are rotated to the vertical position and joined with a continuous lacing operation (wire supplied as standard). The gabions can be joined using helicals or ‘C’ rings (supplied at additional cost).
Joints between gabion courses are normally continuously laced or clipped with ‘C' rings.

If you are designing a wall, always seek professional advice for design and suitability - Contact Devoran for assistance.

pdf guide gabion quality
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for designing walls, installing and filling gabions

pdf guide gabion quality
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for assembling and filling gabions

  • Design and Build Tips-

  • Slopes of retained fill cannot exceed the internal angle of friction of the soil.
  • In poor ground bearing conditions opt for a larger base and / or stepped wall configuration to even bearing pressures. Embed a wider founding gabion to spread the loading over a greater area.
  • Avoid where possible gabion walls built with a vertical face. The section will increase and deformation on the gabion face will be more visible.
  • When using our standard gabion system, nominally step the face of the gabion wall at each course.
  • Filling - use our guide to filling gabions.
  • Use windlass braces to ensure gabions do not bulge.
  • Use corner braces if required.
  • Ensure that the gabion wall design is based on factual soil investigations.
  • Select the gabion system based on stability, economy of design, volume of earth works required and quality of installation required.
  • Contact Devoran for further advice with gabion wall design and gabion wall construction

  • Often Seen Mistakes -

    Gaps in Gabions

    Often seen problems with improper stone sizing. The engineers will ask for a very specific stone size. If you don’t pay attention to that, you can either end up with lumpy gabions that are pretty unsightly, or you can have leakage of stones from the baskets because the stones are too small. That causes voids, and you’ll lose the structural value of the baskets.

    Geotextile Separator Fabrics

    Often seen on walled gabion eembankments is not using a geotextile separator fabric beneath or behind the stones. You should always put that in there. If you don’t, soil will wash right through the baskets, because there are lots of open spaces.

    Wrong Stone Choice

    Any stone can be used to fill the baskets but keep in mind that the larger the stone, the more time consuming it will be to fill the baskets if you want an ordered and classic look. Large stone 'thrown in' is a receipe for disaster and looks aweful. The larger the stones the more time consuming filling the baskets will be. Larger stones need to be individually placed to get that classic look. Small river stones (right size) are one of the easiest fills to work with these Smaller stones can be poured, using a bucket, into the baskets, with very little stone arrangement required

    The Bulge

    Seen far far too often the lack of a 'windlass' place in the gabion. The windlass prevents lateral movment and the bulding / ballooning of the gabion when filled. The Windlass is a simple internal wire brace made out of tying wire - Stops the gabion bulge and takes 1 min to make and instal. This ommission is a regular problem. Small stones are one of the easiest fills to work with although ballooning will be more prevalent and extra lateral support (windlass's) maybe required. The order of filling for mesh Gabions will be this - stone fill to 400x400mm in height then install lateral support, stone fill again to 400mm in height and again install lateral support. Simple !

    Uneven Base

    Common sense! start with a level base and its easy to build square and true. The gabion is flat and square so make sure the ground is as well. Low walls - clear the ground of vegetation, roots etc and level with a spirit level and board - place and align the gabion level and then fill.

    Free Standing Walls

    Forgetting to put steel into the strip footing on taller gabion walls. The footing cut should be about 400mm wide x 400mm deep - check the current Standard for strip footing construction. The concrete footings provide the Gabion fence with a solid base to absorb vertical and lateral loads. Steel reinforcement is then installed horizontally into the footing cuts and at this time steel columns will also need to be inserted well into the footing cut and secured firmly to the wire basket structure

    Lateral Support

    Mentioned earlier but repeated here - If you are using a sheet form fence and the fence height exceeds the fence width, lateral support (windlass) will no doubt be required. The lateral support prevents the fence from ballooning outwards and also provides bracing to the fence = NO UGLY WALL !

    Cheap Gabion

    Why sink a boat for 'halfapenny' of tar - A Devoran Garden will provide many years of service, they are tried and tested and conform to BS standards - Cheap imported gabion from the far east (or from europe via the far east) ARE not the same - Buyer Beware SEE our PDF history file on the consequence of using inferior gabions.


Why Choose Devoran And Our Gabions?

We are one of the largest steel reinforcement businesses in Cornwall and leading specialist suppliers of steel reinforcement and associated products for concrete reinforcement.

Devoran Gabions Conform !
Devoran Garden Gabion welded steel wire mesh range conform with the following International standards:
BS EN 10223-8:2013
Steel Wire and Wire Products for Fencing and Netting. Part 8: Welded Mesh Gabion Products
BS EN 10218-2:2012
Steel Wire and Wire Products – General – Part 2: Wire dimensions and tolerances
BS EN 10244-2
Steel Wire and Wire Products – Non-ferrous metallic coatings on steel wire – Part 2: Zinc or zinc alloy coatings
BS EN 10245-1
Steel Wire and Wire Products – Organic coatings steel wire – Part 1: General rules
BS EN 10245-2
Steel Wire and Wire Products – Organic coatings steel wire – Part 2: PVC finished wire

Devoran Gabions Are Independently Tested !
All gabions we supply have been independently tested by the British Board of Agrement (BBA).
Galfan (95% Zn / 5%) supplied with a CLASS A Coat Weight– design life up to 70 years in a mild environment.
PVC coated on heavily galvanised wires – design life of up to 120 years in a mild environment
Design Support:
·         Design Proposals where requested can be carried out by experienced engineers on purpose built software operating in accordance with either Euro Code 7 or BS8002 – Code of Conduct for Earth Retaining Structures.


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Devoran Metals Ltd

Devoran Metals
CARES approved
Quality Management - ISO 9001: 2008CARES registered company
ISO 14001 Environmental Management System accreditation
Enviromental management control accreditation

Gabion Check List

• Quality – Are the gabions BBA Approved or similar?
• Support – Can the company offer advice if you need it?
• Experience – Is the company well established?
• Stocked Items – Are the items on the shelf ready for immediate dispatch?
• Delivery – How long will it take for the items to be delivered?
• Does the Company actually exist? - Check their contact details; check Google maps, if they use a PO Box or residential address think twice!

why you should not buy cheap gabions
View a case history highlighting the dangers of using inferior quality gabions




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